One of the biggest services I do is house/office clearing and energy customization. I clear any negativity out of the space (for example, astral imprints and entities, thought forms and thought form like entitities, and more), at whatever level it can be released. Then I go room by room and tailor the energy to the needs of the person. For example, someone may want their bedroom to feel like a sanctuary, or safe space, or their library to feel like the Akashic Records in the Great Stupa in India, or their meditation room to feel like the Great Pyramid in Giza. I put energetic structures up in every room that bring in the energy and quality that the person is looking for. I also clear the land the house/office is on, and create energetic structures to give the property its own feel, distinguished from the area around it. I also clear the people living in the house or working in the office. As a bonus, I usually put energetic mandalas in all reflective surfaces (mirrors, TV screens, windows, cell phone screens, etc.), which are the doorways for entities and beings to come into the space.

This service is an all-day process, as it easily takes several hours. My rate is $350-500, depending on the size of the house or office.


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