Energywork sessions can be done in person or (for most modalities) by distance.

My energywork sessions often integrate more than one modality, chosen to best fit the client’s needs.

VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing

VortexHealing’s specialty is clearing conditioning. A lot of times we deal with illnesses and situations from a symptomatic point of view, but we don’t look at the conditioning that keeps it that way. VortexHealing uses Divine energy to release conditioning that keeps people stuck in negative patterns and ways of being. It works on many different aspects – karmic, emotional, spiritual, psychic, even physical to a certain extent (physical effects are better in person). You can learn more about VortexHealing on its official website.

My specialties in VortexHealing are:

  • Karmic Body Release

    In the human energy system, there is a karmic body that sits at the spine and carries the history of all the things we’ve experienced as an incarnated being. That energy in the karmic body is made up of separation consciousness. It contributes to you having the experience of being a separated individual. The problem is, this can get to the point where a person feels very little connection, or no connection, or even don’t believe that they are connected to the Divine or each other. The Karmic Body Release releases certain aspects of the karmic body conditioning that root one in separation consciousness.

    This release can give a profound sense of awareness, clarity, relief, ease, and peace. Due to the nature of this type of healing, when this release happens, that particular conditioning cannot come back. It is gone for good, as you are not the person you were lifetimes ago, and you can’t have the same experiences you had lifetimes ago to create the conditioning again.

  • Epigenetic Release of the Negative Impact of Mom and Dad

    Geneticists talk about the importance and impact of the epigenetic layer – proteins that protect our DNA and genetics. They are like the keepers at the gate, and are what allows anything in or out. The epigenetic layer is negatively impacted by emotional stress and trauma. Psychiatrists and Neuro-Linguistic Programming experts say that the majority of patterns we operate on are what we learned from Mom and Dad between the ages of zero and six. These patterns are cemented in at seven years old when the frontal lobe is developed and we start using them. After that, everything we do builds upon those patterns. Mom and Dad have the biggest impact upon us – both negative and positive. Through VortexHealing, I release the negative impact of Mom and Dad in the epigenetic layer.

    This release can also give a sense of ease and peace, and can change one’s experiences when interacting with loved ones. Physical changes can also occur; since everyone is different, it is difficult to tell what the physical results will be.

  • Basic Healing for Issues

    Using VortexHealing, I can work on a specific issue – for example, unworthiness, fear of being alone, a phobia… – in all the places it exists, including the energetic bodies, the energetic system, the physical body, and other dimensions.

VortexHealing sessions can be done in person or long distance. However, there are some things that cannot be released long distance.

Trauma Healing & Transmutation

Through my connection to Divine Feminine healing energy, in the forms of Quan Yin, Mary Magdalene and others, I help people to transmute negative or disharmonious energies or effects into healthy, harmonious, balanced energies and effects, both physically and spiritually. This healing experience is often felt in a very physical way, and is deeply nurturing and nourishing.

Distortion Clearing

As human beings on this planet, we’ve been introduced to many things – in the form of entertainment, literature, religion, symbols, etc. – that distort our energies and consciousness. In distortion clearing, I call out these distortions, or implants, in a specific way, and use sound to dislodge and remove them. These sessions are quite powerful. After these sessions, people usually feel lighter, peaceful, with a clear mind, and often very strong.


“Ama-san” means ancient mother. This a divine feminine healing modality that is given freely to anyone who wants it. Anyone can practice this. Through an attunement by another practitioner, you become able to give yourself healing every day. The first level deals with clearing your body, energetic field and energetic system of all things which are not original to you, as well as energizing and enlivening the system. This prepares you for level two, which allows you to do healing work for yourself and others, as well as healing past events and sending healing orbs to yourself in the past or future. One man sent a healing orb to the chair where he was going to get dental work, so that when he sat there, his healing was already in process.

This modality is very old, but surfaced about five years ago in England when it came to a man named Arjun, whom you can find on Facebook. It is a very simple practice and is shared one-on-one. At level two, it can also be given long-distance.

I throw this in with almost any in-person healing modality, because the energy of Divine Mother is very nourishing and very protective.

Aura Healing

This healing is a natural gift of mine. It is of my own creation or remembrance. A person stands up, and I walk around and through the aura, and remove certain blockages and replace them with clean or repatterned energy. The closest thing I can say it looks like is something like Bio-Energy Healing.

Golden Heart Healing

In this modality, I bring in energy from the unmanifested, through the heart chakra, and into the space or being that needs healing. This modality helps heal separation consciousness in almost any issue.

Inner Child Meditation Healing

Through meditation, I’ve learned to guide people in a process that allows them to connect with the part of them that is experiencing suffering, hurt or trauma. In this process, they are able to, as the soul, heal, remove, or balance any issue in their body or being. The personality cannot fix anything, because it is the personality that is experiencing the trauma or issue; the soul can heal any issue. This process gives a knowing of trust in the feminine intuitive self.

This modality, combined with the Epigenetic Release of the Negative Impact of Mom and Dad (see above under VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing), is probably the most profound healing for parental issues. Following the process described above, we go into the epigenetics in your energetic system and release the “evidence” of it the trauma, hurt or suffering. So, while being in a state of love and gratitude with your self that was suffering, you are actually releasing the conditioning that kept it that way – resulting in a profound mental, spiritual and emotional shift.

This combined modality only needs to be done twice – once for Mom and once for Dad. However, the Inner Child Meditation Healing can be done on a regular basis, since there is almost no end to issues.

Russian Morphic Fields

These are healing tools that were created by very gifted people. Certain people, like myself, can access them and do healing work with them – which might be clearing a room, tuning the chakras, or balancing the energy system and the endocrine system through the chakras – to name a few examples. This is more of a tool than a modality, so I integrate it with other healing modalities.

Energywork sessions are usually 60-90 minutes.

Complementary healing technologies may complement energywork sessions at the Life Energy Center in Oakland.

Energywork sessions are $120 for the first session and $100 for following sessions.

®”VortexHealing” is a registered service mark of Ric Weinman. All rights reserved. Used here with permission. For more information on VortexHealing visit


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