My bodywork sessions integrate from the following modalities:

Chi Gong Craniosacral

is an art form and healing modality where the practitioner uses chi by building up energy in the hands and other areas. By using certain mudras, or hand gestures, and touching in specific places, the muscles, ligaments, tendons and/or bones gently move and correct themselves back into balance, similarly as in regular craniosacral therapy. The difference is that chi is used to clear the meridian channels and the acupuncture points and channels, which allows the body to correct its structure and loosen tension.

Chi Gong Massage

Chi Gong Massage is similar to Chi Gong Craniosacral. Using the same techniques of mudras and energy building, I move the hands up and down the body to balance out areas of the body that are either energetically congested or depleted. People receiving this work often feel relaxed, grounded, and very, very balanced. Sometimes issues other than those we focused on go away, and sometimes new ones are revealed as we peel back the layers of the onion.

Japanese Lymphatic

is a specialized type of lymphatic massage. The style I learned was created by a Japanese man who passed before he managed to teach it to anyone. I managed to get his textbook, and learn myself. It uses about five grams of pressure – about the weight of a nickel – to release tension, pain, and blockage in the form of built up lactic acid in the lymphatic tissues. Unlike in deep tissue massage, the body does not resist. Using lightest touch and lightest movement, I can release muscle pain and tension all the way down to the bone.

Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy

is a unique modality taught at the World School of Massage and Holistic Healing Arts. This is a bodywork modality that uses sound, movement, stretching and other techniques to find where tension is locked up and stored in the body. We line up that body part until it vibrates like a guitar string, and then we can vibrate that tension out of the body. The result is a body part that is more relaxed, loose, and limber, and free from tension. This modality helps release the “issues in our tissues,” and people receiving this work may cry, laugh, or emote in some way, and suddenly the body part is relieved of pain or dysfunction.

Swedish Massage

Relaxation massage. I usually integrate this with other modalities.


This modality uses light touch holds (with about the weight of a nickel) to allow the body to make subtle corrections in its structure.


I often combine energywork with bodywork, to address issues on multiple levels. Learn more here.

Session length is usually 60-90 minutes.

Complementary healing technologies may complement bodywork sessions at the Life Energy Center in Oakland.

Bodywork sessions are $125.


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